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In Game - Rules and Regulations

Post by Admin on Sat Aug 20, 2016 6:50 am


    We would like to encourage everyone to read through the existing rules and regulation below to ensure that we are all calibrated towards the existing law. Take note that the following are implemented 24/7 regardless if there's a presence of any In-game moderator or not, this is to ensure fair game play and maintain good environment within the game.

- All violation incurred under ZTP is considered to be under GRAVE OFFENSE and should meet the corresponding actions base on our guide that would be posted below

A.1 Dupe, Glitch, Fly or Damage Hack or any form of game mode alteration or attempt to by pass game shield.
A.2 Conspiracy
- a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.
A.3 Promotion of Another RF Server
A.4 False Identity as GM
A.5 Fraudulent act
A.6 Destroying the image of the game in social media networks or any other form of communication


B.1 Placement of Guard Towers in SPAWN/PORT/TRAPS Areas
B.2 Use of MAU to hide NPC, Towers or Players
B.3 Use of NUKE in Cragmine Core is not allowed
B.4 CPT Feeding is strictly not allowed
B.5 Glitch exploitation (Terrain, bug and other form of game bug abuse will not be tolerated)
B.6 Directly verbally abusing / trash talking a player (bullying) repeatedly
B.7 Scamming
         - This is generally broad but to put context around this is where player is trying to present a certain object (could be selling item, providing service and other transaction) where the opposite thing happened. For the violation to be proven, proper evidence must be presented
B.11 Insulting a GM (This may also be defined as, directly insulting a GM without any proper basis or also not following the proper escalation process if there is a dispute made on the decision of GM)

updated 08/20/16

This Rules and regulation may change anytime.


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